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Last Updated : January 20, 2023

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Event Description

Slalom  2E 2L 2R 2$ ,    Trick  2E 2L 2R 2$ ,    Jump  2E 2L 2R 2$

Last Updated : January 20, 2023

Tournament Website:

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Tournament Info

Sanctioning: USA Sanctioned
Sanctioning Country: USA
Sanction ID: 23S080
Title Sponsor: Nautique Events Inc
Level: -
Rules & Divisions: -
Accommodation Info:

Competitor Info

Event Administrator:
Mailing Address:   Not available
Tel:       Not available
Email:   Not available


Disciplines: slalomtrickjump
Highest Class: C
Classes: Not available
Event Entry Limit: for all entry limits per division pulls
Event Entry Fees: All entry fee information will be emailed directly to qualified athletes
Event Entry Late Fee: $100 Per Day
Entry Open: Not available
Entry Deadline: Not available
Event Schedule Notes: Not available
Practice Schedule: Not available
Additional Event Notes: Not available
Additional Rules: Not available
Boats: Not available
Chief Judge: Rhoni Bischoff
Chief Scorer: Kirby Whetsel
Chief Tech: Not available
Chief Driver: Will Bush
Safety Officer: Robert Archambeau
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