WorldWaterSkiers now helps Sports Organizations and Events with; Brand & Identity, Websites, Graphic Design, Social Media, Video and Printed Media.


Tournaments are generally not organized by event agencies, or professionals. They are usually run by passionate skiers/lake owners who enjoy skiing and running events on top of their day jobs.

You no longer have to find friends, local companies or expensive agencies to provide your digital services. Members of our Team have over 18years of professional experience in providing these services and know how the water sports industry works.

We are doing this to help the sport - so please help support us!

Graphic Design

An Organization or an Event can require many forms of graphic work. Artwork can make the first impression a good one.

We have many years of experience in graphic design and can cater for any requests you have.

We can design Logos, T-shirts, Banners, Adverts, Printed Media and more...

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Content Writing

Every event whatever the size should provide press releases throughout the day. These should be published and made available not just for the waterski community but for local news channels that could help promote an event.

Our Team can send a member to watch the event in person and report on the action.

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Social Media Management

Keeping your viewers engagement to create high traffic when it counts is not something to be forgotten. There is a real knack to what to post, when to post it, what hashtags to use and which social media platforms to target. Don't wait till just before your events, keep your viewers updated all year round.

Our Team can take that hassle out your hands and work out a plan that suits your individual need.

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Members of our Team already have years of experience shooting amazing photos of our sport. The importance of photos at any event is crucial to record history, engage readers when used in articles and most important - be used in the next years marketing materials.

WWS is building a team of supporting photographers that are local for you and will offer their services at an affordable rate.

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Filming & Video Editing

Video in todays world is now the most viral and high traffic content on the web. Video is now a must for your event whether is clips or a feature length video.

WWS has a team with all the equipment required to produce engaging short video clips to action packed event highlights and promotional videos. Quality and creativity is most important to WWS. Whether you or we are putting on an event, we need the footage to appeal to corporate sponsors so it's got to look good.

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Tournament Announcers

Finding announcers for the skiers/spectators on shore is easy. There are always people happy to help. However when the event attracts people who have no clue about waterskiing, you need announcers that know how engage their audience the right way.

There are two key positions required for an engaging and exciting commentary. The first is what is known as the "color" and the other is the "technical". We are lucky enough to have Jaret Llewellyn, one of our founding members as one of the best technical waterski announcers in the sport and we are working with others to provide these two team positions.

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Some of our team has come from the leading waterski webcast service provider (WebCast-TV) and has now built a team here at WWS using their experience and equipment to take waterskiing coverage to the next level.

Since waterski events have had a hard time bringing spectators out to watch, we believe that webcasting is extremely important way to target viewers not just within the sport but if done right viral so that it is seen by the rest of the world.

We have packages available for all size events and can travel the world or work with local crews to offer affordable prices.

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Web Design, Development & Management

You may have used one of the many online website builder tools or had a friend or local company try to build you a site but does it represent your event or your sponsors like it should. We know what an event site should contain and what makes a sponsor happy.

We use the latest web technology to make sure you stay up with the times. We build websites that are responsive, optimized and carefully designed for aesthetics and function. We can cater for any size project you are after, whether it's a small website or a fully custom coded web platform. The best bit is you can easily talk with us!

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