About Us


Our Mission:

  • To implement a user friendly, modern platform that will streamline workflow. This will UNITE THE SPORT through its groups from the top to bottom.
  • This platform will provide COMMON TOOLS to Federations, Enhancing the Experience and Interactivity for its Officials and its Members.
  • This will grow the sport by BRINGING VALUE to its members, and exposing water skiing to a wider audience.


So how will WWS help you:

  • Federations
    We will provide you a service with a common platform and tools to unite the federations in working towards a common goal in creating new members resulting in more revenue. Our platform and central data hub will allow information to be synced between us giving us the information we need to give you results and data you need cutting down on administration and 3rd party service costs.
  • New water skiers
    WWS will be happy to help introduce you into the sport and provide you with a platform to follow you all the way from beginner to pro. The platform will allow you to : Friend the pros on our social platform, Post new photos of your first experiences and make new friends.
  • Athletes
    By increasing our members, followers & web traffic unlike any attempt before we will be able to use that data to attract real sponsors with real money that can go back in to sport development. We want to put on tournaments with proper media and webcast coverage around the world to expose waterskiing to a wider audience. With a growing audience and sponsors will come greater prize money and recognition.We will promote you but we are providing you a platform and products to promote yourselves. Create your own profile, Upload new photos and content and share it online. As a pro you can upload your sponsors, promote your ski school or coaching clinics and more.
  • Passionate water ski followers
    You may be a friend, family member or skier yourself. Our platform allows you to follow an athlete daily in their water ski lifestyle and LIVE during tournaments. Our app will send you notifications when : A tournament or round starts, when their are 3 skiers before a followed athlete, their results and more. You’ll never miss your child, grandchild or Pro Athlete again.
  • Officials
    WWS initially started with collecting results data. We have come along way and soon realized that their needed to be an software ecosystem that worked together for scoring and inputting results to displaying live results on the web for the followers. Now we can provide officials and tournament organizers the data to create realtime running orders, IWWF scorebooks and more.


Our Aims:

  • To promote tournament skiers that hold National competitive licences.
  • To better organize and support National and International events.
  • To work with the IWWF Tournament Council on promotion while streamlining the logistics of the sport.
  • To assist in the development of competitive tournament waterskiing from the grassroots upwards, worldwide.
  • To promote and help establish new tournaments and events around the world.
  • To encourage and coordinate the use of new technology to improve the sport.



What we are Providing:

WWS is a constantly growing central data HUB that has been thoroughly planned with every detail taken into account for everyone’s benefit, using new ideas and the latest technology to stay ahead of the times.

For the last two years WWS has invested in the planning and development of an entirely brand new Platform that includes several key features:

  • WATERSKI MANAGEMENT PLATFORM (with shared access to data via API – Application Program Interface)

From our early vision we believe this will help UNITE the sport and get everyone moving in the same direction with the same common goal – To Grow Our Sport.


Going Forward:

WWS has been testing, talking with scorers, the IWWF and other Federations to understand their needs. We all now feel the sport is moving in the right direction.

Our sport is too small to be working alone, as we are divided and fragmented.

The sport must unite globally in order to compete against well-funded sports.


Please join in on this movement to help UNITE our great sport. It is our commitment to always keep innovating.

So are you ready… We are!


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