How WWS came about:

Before WorldWaterSkiers was even thought about, WWS Co-Founder Tom Grey (GBR) - a professional web developer was running a website for the benefit of the sports top Athletes. After a year of maintaining the content manually he thought it would be much more efficient to build a website that the athletes managed themselves but opening it up to the world at all levels.

To do that, there needed to be one data hub that stored all athlete information in one location for all athletes around the world. At that point Tom's father, Co-Founder David Grey a long time waterski official and web technology enthusiast decided that they would create a new cutting edge system that would streamline the sport.

After talking with some friends a key people in the sport, Co-Founder and legendary name in the sport - Jaret Llewellyn (CAN) was excited to joined forces with Tom and David to bring credibility and organization change to the sport that only he could achieve.

Together they formed WorldWaterSkiers which today has become WorldWaterSkiers inc. a non-profit foundation.

Please join in on this movement to help UNITE our great sport. It is our commitment to always keep innovating. So are you ready... We are!