Why is the subscribe form not showing anything?

If you are having issues, there maybe something in your browser settings that is preventing the form from displaying. We have created a simple athlete registration page to subscribe.

Why can’t i find the subscription activation email?

We are aware that some email clients such as gmail and others put unknown emails straight into your spam folder. Thats the first place to look.

NOTE: Currently there is an issue with sending automated emails to hotmail.com and msn.com users. We are currently working on a way to resolve this with our email service.

If are one of the above or you still can’t find it after several hours feel free to contact us – support@worldwaterskiers.com

This may help – Subscription Signup Steps

I’ve clicked on the activation email link and have now logged into my account but i can’t see my athlete profile.

Until we have verified you have an active federation license we cannot verify your account. If we find it in our database then it will be ususally verified within 24hrs. It is possible that we still don’t have all licensed athletes in our system so we will let you know if we can’t find you.

What happens if i forget my password?

  • On the log in page – Enter your username and then , click the ‘ Lost your password ‘ link underneath the white box.
  • Enter your Username on the page that should open. Click ‘Get New Password’.
  • A new login page will also open reminding you to check your emails for the confirmation link.
  • When you receive the email. Click on the link within the email. A new page will open.
  • Delete the suggestion in the box and enter a new password. Click ‘confirm use of weak password’ should it be appear. Click reset password
  • This will open another page saying that the password has been reset. Click the log in button.
  • This will ask you to enter your username again together with your new password. Click the ‘login’ button
  • This should allow you to login.

What do we mean by licensed athlete?

In order to get results from a tournament we have to use the athletes tournament license number to save results against. Without this unique number we have no way of doing this. Since every federation has a different license formats and an athlete can join several Federations in order to compete around the world we are creating a WWS ID that ties them all to one athlete name.

For skiers that compete at the grass roots level and don’t require a license, we will be later creating a seperate list. For now, if you are one of those you can still sign up as a ‘Viewer’ member and will be able to upgrade later.

Is World Water Skiers an official partner of the IWWF?

World Water Skiers has been in talks with the IWWF for over a year now. As seen in the E&A TC meeting minutes, they have stated that they DO support what we are doing to help the sport. However they are a very complicated organization and it’s going to take some time for everyone involved to aggree to an official partnership.

Is World Water Skiers an official partner of any of the worlds Federations?

Actually Yes! Both Waterski Canada and the Columbian Federation have given written confirmation that they are an excited offical partner of WWS. We have also received verbal approval from the Australian and British Federations. We have also been closely working with the USA Waterski Federation who show much interest but have internal rivers to jump for an official confirmation.