Donate to WWS

Your Donations to the WorldWaterSkiers Foundation will support the sport of waterskiing by providing the highest standards in training, and fostering competitive for all water skiers, of all ages and skill levels, in every discipline. All the money that is donated will be invested to build a strong and vibrant future for our sport.

Apart from contributing to the general overheads of the Foundation, all money will be distributed to initiatives in the country that it is given.

Taking Tournament waterskiing into the future will require substantial financial investments. We will invest in the development of key initiatives to ensure our sport's sustainability and prepare the next generation of champions.

Flexibility in asset allocation gives the WorldWaterSkiers Foundation leadership the ability to invest strategically in the areas of greatest need, balance program revenue streams, and provide management with the agility to respond to remarkable opportunities that arise.

Your support is critical in delivering the resources we need to thrive on all these initiatives.

Whether is it a large or small donation – YOU can make a difference!

Our Initiatives

Education and Awareness through Public Media

WWS wants to get Tournament Waterskiing into the public eye through all media avenues. TV, Radio, Print etc…

Technology Development

WWS believes that it’s now time for New innovative technology to revolutionize the sport. We have been developing a new online data hub as well as integration with all existing technologies that will help bring the sport forward. We are also doing R&D on new technology to replace old hardware used in the sport.

Growing Tournaments

WWS is organizing its own tournaments as well as partnering with existing tournaments to provide key services and educate the organizers on how to put on a successful, sustainable and profitable event.

Grass Roots Development

WWS feels the Grass root development is the key to the future our sport. WWS will work with partnering groups to create programs that will connect world class mentoring athletes to the future stars of our sport. WWS has created a platform that enables athletes to stay connected to their water ski friends and idles around the world. A key goal is to creating an environment that is engaging for all levels to enjoy the sport of water skiing no matter what level.

The WorldWaterSkiers Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization in the US. Similar status is being applied for in other countries.