Lacanau Cup

Lacanau, FRA

July 8-10

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Calgary Cup

Calgary, CAN

July 29-31

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Austria Cup

Fischlham, AUT

August 20-21

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Florida Cup

Florida, USA

October 28-29

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About the Tour

It is with the utmost anticipation and excitement that World Water Skiers formally announces the dawn of a new World Tour in the sport of water skiing. The "WorldWaterSkiers Overall Tour" will bring with it the revitalization of one of the most coveted titles ever bestowed upon an athlete in our sport, namely that of Overall Tour Champion. This 4 stop, exclusively Overall, tour will take place across 4 different countries, France, Calgary, Austria and USA. These 4 sites are some of the most renowned lakes around the globe. With each stop awarding equal prize money and points towards the tour rankings, every buoy, every trick, every jump and every round could determine the course of the entire year. WWS is extremely proud and grateful to be partnering with these progressive clubs and sponsors that are willing to invest so much into their community and help build a stronger base.

2022 Tour Rankings

*Final positions and points after all rules applied*

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1) Why should you tune in?

If you ask any water ski fan around the globe, they will explain that skiing is truly a hidden gem sport. Slalom skiers slash through the water, projecting walls of spray over 30ft (10 meters) into the air, and then accelerate through the wakes with the same G-forces as a race car driver. Trick skiers twist and turn their bodies as fast and efficiently as they can through two 20 second passes in which they combine 6 flips, multiple spins, and tricks with the rope attached to their foot! Finally, Jump skiers hit a 6ft (180cm) ramp at speeds up to 70mph (113kph) and fly over 200ft (60-70m) through the air before landing back on the flat surface of the water below. Furthermore, with a smaller competitor field within each of the WWS Tour Stops’ finals, you will see all three of these disciplines rapidly over the course of only 3 hours. So, the real question is, why would you not tune in to watch the incredible action this sport and this tour has to offer?

2) How can you watch live?

Each tour stop finals will be broadcast by WWS TV so you can catch all the action from anywhere around the world! By clicking on the current tour stop’s EVENT PAGE, you can follow along from home or on the go with the webcast, live scores, videos, photos, and more. Look forward to an event designed specifically for the viewer and watch thrilling water ski action lasting no more than 3hrs. Be sure to keep up to date with all tour news and dates both on the TOUR PAGE and each individual EVENT PAGE.

3) What happened in 2022?

With three different men having claimed an event win and every tour stop boasting a different female champion, this upcoming season could be the most exciting year of Overall waterskiing yet. Louis Duplan-Fribourg and Paige Rini will be looking to defend their Lacanau Cup titles on the coastal lakes of France. Joel Poland and Kennedy Hansen will return to the beautiful landscape of Austria to defend their wins from 2022, while Poland will also look to retain the Calgary Cup crown that he won in front of the largest crowd of last year. Finally, Dorien Llewellyn and Hanna Straltsova will be hoping to take the momentum of having won the Florida Cup, the final event of 2022, into the upcoming season, with Dorien looking to snatch back the golden tour champion jersey he lost to Joel in 2022. Ultimately, when you add the return of the women’s world number one and former tour Champion, Giannina Bonnemann, the storylines heading into this season will be packed with excitement from start to finish.

4) Who's competing?

The world’s best Overall water skiers will be competing against one another in each of the 3 disciplines for the title of best all around skier. The tour will feature an exclusively Overall competitor field, consisting of World Champion skiers such as Joel Poland (GBR), Dorien Llewellyn (CAN), Martin Kolman (CZE), and Tour Champion Giannina Bonnemann (GER). The field will also feature other up and coming talent, as well as accomplished veterans from Germany, France, the United States, and more.

5) How does Overall work?

In an Overall event, skiers are scored based on each of their results in the 3 disciplines, Slalom, Trick, and Jump, meaning every buoy, every trick, and every inch/cm could be the difference between 1st or 2nd. In each of the 3 disciplines, the highest scoring skier is given 1000 Overall points, with every other skier’s score consisting of a percentage based on how close their score was to the leader. After all, 3 disciplines have been skied, the athlete with the highest collection of Overall points is the winner.
Over the course of each stop of the WWS Tour, the skiers will begin competing in the Preliminary Round, with the top 6 men and top 4 women in the Overall points rankings moving onto the final. Then, in the Final Round, all the finalists will wipe the slate clean and ski the 3 disciplines again, with the event winners being determined by the Overall points accumulation only within the Final Round.

6) Who's the winner?

Each event will consist of a preliminary and final round. The prelims will determine the running order for the finals. The individual event scores of the preliminary round will also count, along with the scores from the finals, towards the individual event bonus. The final round will be the sole determining round for the Overall placements and the tour points for each event.

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World Tour Sponsors

Lacanau Ski Club

IWWF Site Code: FRA3303
GeoLocation: 45.01701087368774, -1.109550766300519
TZoffset: UTC

Sports-Service : Lacanau Ski Club, Pitrot, Lacanau, France,
33680, FR


Sport Disciplines : Waterski Tournament Slalom/Trick Tournament Jump

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Predator Bay Water Ski Club

IWWF Site Code: CAN7733
GeoLocation: 50.85039100492208, -113.92352324291488
TZoffset: UTC

Predator Bay, Foothills County, AB, Canada,
T0L 0A0, CA


Sport Disciplines : Waterski Tournament Slalom/Trick Tournament Jump

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Fischlham Water Ski Club

GeoLocation: 48.09203088276564, 13.931388314117985
TZoffset: UTC

Zausetstraße, Fischlham, Austria,
4652, AT

+43 664 246 9499

Sport Disciplines : Waterski Tournament Slalom/Trick Tournament Jump

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Ski Fluid

IWWF Site Code: USAS0001
GeoLocation: 28.16845, -81.776211
TZoffset: UTC

1251 Holy Cow Rd, Polk City, FL 33868, USA,
Polk City,
33868, US

1 (407) 625-4139

Sport Disciplines : Waterski Tournament Slalom/Trick Tournament Jump

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