WWS Foundation

The Current Context

Throughout the tournament waterski community, there is deep concern over the sustainability of our sport, but the fragmented nature of waterskiing makes common solutions and unified action elusive. The result is a sport that is fractured, experiencing little growth and losing relevance in today’s culture.
In recent years, the sports current governing body, the IWWF (International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation) Tournament Council has predominantly spent most of its time and resources in the governance of the sport in the form of Tournament rules etc and has done little to promote and grow the sport.

Tournament Waterskiing Must Change Faster because the World is Changing Faster
The WorldWaterSkiers Foundation will secure the resources required for WorldWaterSkiers to develop innovative and dynamic programs that represent the way people want to sail, provide the skills to master technically advanced equipment and align with the way we all consume information and connect to each other.


Our Mission

To promote, market and advance knowledge to increase diverse worldwide participation and excellence in the sport of water skiing through education, competition and innovation while upholding the principles of fair play.


Vision & Purpose

Tournament Waterskiing is evolving. At WorldWaterSkiers, we’re not just adapting . . . we’ve changed our heading, creating new governance, leveraged technology to expand our reach and keeping our organizational structure simple to get things done quickly. We now have an efficient platform to launch the new WorldWaterSkiers Foundation and develop the resources to launch the sport of Tournament Waterskiing into the future.

A future where . . .

  • inclusion and diversity is the standard
  • newcomers enjoy access to affordable and inclusive local waterskiing communities
  • every skier is trained to the highest possible standards in their choice of equipment
  • every competitor has opportunities to excel and achieve their personal best
  • extraordinary talent is fully prepared to compete and win at pinnacle events around the world




Build a Strong & Vibrant Future for Our Sport
Donations to the WorldWaterSkiers Foundation support the sport of waterskiing by expanding access to waterskiing, providing the highest standards in training, and fostering competitive excellence for all water skiers, of all ages and skill levels, in every sailing discipline. Your tax deductible contribution to the WorldWaterSkiers Foundation will be invested in programs that expand access to waterskiing, provide highest standards in training and foster competitive excellence. Every dollar is invested to build a strong and vibrant future for our sport.

In the USA, the Not for Profit Corporation has formally been registered and we will shortly be applying for Tax exemption. If successful, Tax exemption can be treated retrospectively from the date the Corporation was set up.

A similar Charity is being registered in the UK with the Charities commission. Once approved it will enable UK taxpayers to claim relief.

It is intended that similar Not for Profit companies or Charities will be set up in other Countries around the world.






  • Education and Awareness through Public Media – WWS wants to get Tournament Waterskiing into the public eye through all media avenues. TV, Radio, Print etc…
  • Technology Development – WWS believes that it’s now time for New innovative technology to revolutionize the sport. We have been developing a new online data hub as well as integration with some existing technologies.  We are also doing R&D on new technology to replace old hardware used in the sport.
  • Growing Tournaments ??? – WWS is organizing its own tournaments as well as partnering with existing tournaments to provide key services and educate the organizers on how to put on a successful, sustainable and profitable event.
  • Grass Roots Development – 


The WorldWaterSkiers Foundation will be applying for  501 (c)(3) organization. Once approved all donations are 100% tax-deductible. Similar Charitable status is being applied for in the UK.