FlowPointTV 20.1 : Behind the curtain Part 2

A long time ago, in a reality that seems far far away,…. Water Skiing was mainstream, and ran on all the major TV networks: ABC, NBC, CBS, etc… Skiing was in the 1972 Olympics, it was on Happy Days…even Elvis got in on the action. It was around that time, that Bob LaPoint was setting World Records, as a teenager. Fast forward 50+ years, and Bob is still involved in the sport,…getting his hands dirty, and passing on decades of knowledge to the next generation of the best water skiers on the planet. Join Marcus Brown and take a deep dive into the HO/Syndicate Team, and see what gets them fired up to push hard, on and off the water, to develop the best water skis on the planet. Big thanks to those that helped make this piece possible, with archived footage from a time when the sport had more production money. We couldn’t have pulled this piece together without those clips from the past.