Upsets on Upsets at the 2018 Moomba Masters

Just when you think the upsets have already happened, the Yarra river reminds you who’s boss. The Men’s semi-final action has just ended and a couple of the biggest names in the sport have fallen out of competition. Corey Vaughn, Nick Adams, Joel Howley, and Felipe Miranda all fell early and have failed to advance to the final round. Howley will be especially disappointed after such a strong showing last night at the night slalom, where he tied Nate Smith for the win.

Yarra Rookie sensation Joel Poland was first on the water and smashed his way into the finals with a score of 2 at the 10.75-meter line, a quality score on the river for even the best in the world. Several skiers came and went before Benjamin Stadlbaur finally took the reins from Poland with 3 at the 10.75 and held the lead all the way through the event. Thomas Loft of Denmark also showed poise on the water, improving by a quarter buoy to 4 ¼ at 11.25.

The final results saw Stadlbaur, Poland, and Loft joined by Nate Smith, Will Asher, Jon Travers, defending Moomba champ Thomas Degasperi, and Stephen Neveu. The finals will be held at 2:30 AEST and is sure to hold much excitement as well, so don’t miss a moment!


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