Lacanau Cup - WWS Overall Tour 2022

SKIING STARTS:   Friday, July 8th      -      

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The Birth of the WorldWaterSkiers Overall Tour

The male and female skiers of the WorldWaterSkiers Overall Tour will begin their 2022 journeys in the most visited country in the world, in the land of the city of love, France. The first stop of the WorldWaterSkiers Overall Tour will be in Lacanau, France on July 8th and 9th. WorldWaterSkiers is proud to have partnered with the Lacanau Water Ski Club and the professional slalom event being held in conjunction with the first Overall Tour Stop. Combining the two events will be one of the biggest payouts the sport has seen in a decade, Totaling $62,500 – with $37 000 for Slalom on the PRO-AM side + $25,500 going to the Overall skiers + Year End TOUR BONUSES.  Lacanau Ski Club partnered with World Water Skiers (WWS) to utilize the EMS hub that WWS has built giving clubs and federations never seen tools to better promote the sport that we all love. When the sport starts working together under a united platform the sport will be able to draw a larger fan base. The prospects of the congregation between the world’s best slalom skiers, along with the reintroduction of the Overall World Tour is something that no water ski enthusiast is going to want to miss. So be sure to tune in for all the action and follow as the rest of the WorldWaterSkiers Overall Tour Events are unveiled in the coming days.

Last Updated : May 29, 2022

Tournament Website:

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    Lacanau Ski Club
45.01701087368774 -1.109550766300519


Lacanau Ski Club
Sports-Service : Lacanau Ski Club, Pitrot, Lacanau, France

Directions to Site

Sports-Service : Lacanau Ski Club, Pitrot, Lacanau, France

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Event Description

It is with the utmost anticipation and excitement that World Water Skiers formally announce the dawn of a new World Tour in the sport of water skiing. The "WorldWaterSkiers Overall Tour" will bring with it the revitalization of one of the most coveted titles ever bestowed upon an athlete in our sport, namely that of Overall Tour Champion. These 4 stops, exclusively Overall, the tour will take place across 4 different countries, France, Calgary, Austria, and the USA. These 4 sites are some of the most renowned lakes around the globe. With each stop awarding equal prize money and points towards the tour rankings, every buoy, every trick, every jump, and every round could determine the course of the entire year. WWS is extremely proud and grateful to be partnering with these progressive clubs and sponsors that are willing to invest so much into their community to build a strong foundation that will elevate the sport.

Spectator Info

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Tournament Website: Click Here
Official Hotels: VitalParc
  Vitalparc Hôtel & Spa Lacanau Océan, Route du Baganais, Lacanau, France
Other Hotels: no hotels listed

Tournament Info

Sanctioning: National Federation - Record Capability
Sanctioning Country: FRA
Sanction ID: 22WWS001
Title Sponsor: Red Bull
Level: Pro Event
Rules & Divisions: National Age Divisions & Rules
Organizer: Jaret Llewellyn
Media Contacts: View Media Contacts
Media Manager: Eudes METIVIER
Graphic Designer: Tom Grey
Email:     tom.grey@worldwaterskiers
Photographer: Red Bull
Videographer: Eudes METIVIER
Webcast Company: World Water Skiers
Email:     tom.grey@worldwaterskiers
Official Hotels: VitalParc
  Vitalparc Hôtel & Spa Lacanau Océan, Route du Baganais, Lacanau, France
Other Hotels: no hotels listed

Competitor Info

Event Administrator: Jaret Llewellyn
Mailing Address:   Lake Worth, Florida, USA
Tel:       Not available


Competition 1 : WWS 3 Event
Male/Female: femalemale
Disciplines: slalomtrickjumpoverall
Classes: E
Format: EliminationPF
Age Divisions: OPENWOPENM
Rounds: Skiers in Each Round

Slalom - Female
Prelims - All
Finals - 3

Slalom - Male
Prelims - All
Finals - 5

Trick - Female
Prelims - All
Finals - 3

Trick - Male
Prelims - All
Finals - 5

Jump - Female
Prelims - All
Finals - 3

Jump - Male
Prelims - All
Finals - 5

Entry Type: Open Entry - Selected by Organizing Committee
Entry Limit: 15 participants
Entry Fees:
Full Price
Class: E
3 Disciplines - €300 (EUR)

Entry Fee Discounts: Not Available
Discount Notes: Not Available
Jump Running Order: By - Division
Method of Calculating Overall Scoring: Not Available
Boat Options: Closed (Tournament Boat)
Open to Foreigners: Yes
Prize Money: View Prize Money Breakdown
Overall - Female
1st Place - $4000 (USD)
2nd Place - $3000 (USD)
3rd Place - $2000 (USD)
4th Place - $1000 (USD)
5th Place - $500 (USD)

Overall - Male
1st Place - $5000 (USD)
2nd Place - $4000 (USD)
3rd Place - $3000 (USD)
4th Place - $2000 (USD)
5th Place - $1000 (USD)

Event Entry Limit: 15 pulls
Event Entry Late Fee: €200 (EUR) /participant
Entry Open: April 11, 2022
Entry Deadline: May 31, 2022
Practice Schedule:

*Get on the Practice List – 45€
*Please book sets with – Geraldine Jamin
*+33 (0) 619 698 610

Additional Event Notes:

!!! OVERALL Deadline: May 31st, 2022!!!
*For Overall Entry PayPal $300 USA Sent to @GladiatorEntry
*Payment "Message" please indicate WHICH Overall event you are entering.
*Intent to ski in Overall must meet the entry deadline Rules (2.1)
*Overall Tour Details -
Problems email

!!! SLALOM Deadline: June 20th, 2022!!!
Entry fees: 160 € for Amateurs (including a ticket for Saturday dinner at the beach)
240 € for Pro Women (including a ticket for Saturday dinner at the beach) 260 € for Pro Men (including a ticket for Saturday dinner at the beach)
Entry fees must be sent before the deadline by wire, with proof of successful bank transfer payment to
Entries will not be accepted without proof of successful bank transfer payment.
Wire details:
Bank Address: PITROT ROUTE DE L OCEAN 33680 LACANAU France Code Bank Code : 13306
IBAN: FR76 1330 6001 0801 4978 9800 042
Problems email -

Additional Rules:

AMATEURS: 2 Rounds + 1 Final RC slalom: 2 rounds on Friday, July 8th, and final on Sunday the 10th.
PROS: 2 Rounds RC slalom on Saturday, July 9th for qualification and final for cash Saturday in the evening.

Overall - WWS ranking list will be used to determine the initial skiers added to the entry list. WWS ranked athletes have 2 weeks to enter from opening date (April 11) after this they forfeit their protected spot (April 25th). After the 2-week date on April 25th (midnight) the entry list will be filled from the top down to 20th on the IWWF dynamic ranking list. After 8 men and 5 women have been confirmed, 2 wild cards will be given the opportunity to enter the event, by the discretion of the organizer and the host country. 1 man and 1 women qualifying spot is available if the event has a record round prior to the preliminary overall rounds.
*5 men and 3 women will advance to the 3 hours Overall finally on Sunday 10th at 2 pm
*Winner will come from the final round scores only.
* All WWS Tour Rules,

Format for the PRO SLALOM SKIERS
(Maximum of 40 skiers across Women and Men, Slalom and Overall)
• Slalom: Top 16 Men and Top 8 Women skiers in the current Elite Ranking will have prioritized entry until July 1st.
• After that, entries will be open to anyone with minimum criteria for participation of a current
Personal Best of 1@10.75m for Men and 1@11.25m for Women.
• We will accept a maximum of 25 Men and 15 Women with overall skiers.
There will be 2 qualifying rounds for slalom: Best of the 2 rounds Top 8 Men and Top 4 Women will be qualified for finals Round 1 and 2:
Seeded according to most recent IWWF Elite Ranking. completed pass.

Round 2
Seeded according to Round 1 results.
In case of a tie between qualified skiers, the best of the 2 rounds will determine the final seeding.
In case of a tie for a qualifying spot, a run-off will take place, with skiers starting at the last completed pass.

Format for the AMATEUR SKIERS
(Maximum of 40 skiers across categories)
Amateur skiers will ski two rounds, with the first two rounds happening on Friday, July 8th, and a final on Sunday, July 10th in the morning.
The order of series will be according to age groups, so young skiers first, followed by Senior and Open. Running orders will be randomized for the first round and kept equal for all the second rounds.
The final with be the 10 best scores from the 2 rounds according to overall points.

TOWING ROPES: The official towing ropes will be Deluxe knotless slalom ropes by MasterLine

* Amateur rounds and pro slalom - IWWF rules apply
*Overall will be an exhibition - NO IWWF rankings
* Rules can be found on the WWS Overall Tour Page -
*WWS OVERALL Rules link

Boats: no boats listed
Chief Judge: Christophe Duverger
Chief Scorer: Helene Filliatre
Chief Tech: Pierre-Alexandre Neyrac
Chief Driver: Fabrizio Sonzogni
Scorer: David Grey
Safety Officer: Pierre DELAMOTTE -   Doctor

Event Schedule   [Local UTC]

Fri 8

Fri 8

Amateurs : 8 am - 4pm

Fri 8

Jump Overall : 5:30 - 7:30pm

Sat 9

Sat 9

Slalom : 8-10am

Sat 9

Slalom : 11-12:30am

Sat 9

Slalom Top 20 : 2-4pm

Sat 9

Slalom Top 10 : 4-5pm

Sat 9

Slalom Final Top 10 : 5-6pm

Full Webcast
Sat 9

Slalom Final Top 5 : 6-6:30pm

Full Webcast
Sat 9

Awards : 7:30pm

Full Webcast

Sun 10

Sun 10

VIP Lake two : 10-2pm

Sun 10

Tricks Overall : 10-12pm

Sun 10

Amateurs finals Top 10 : 12-2pm

Sun 10

Overall Finals Top 3 : 2-4:30pm

Full Webcast
Sun 10

Overall Finals Top 5 : 2-4:30pm

Full Webcast
Sun 10

Overall Awards : 4:30-5pm

Full Webcast


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