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   Start: Saturday, 8th - 6:30 am
   End: Sunday, 9th - 11:30 am
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WorldWaterSkiers is excited to present the World Water Ski Open, a professional Overall tournament in Steyregg, Austria, near the city of Linz, on August 8-9, 2020. Originally scheduled to feature 12 and 8 of the best male and female water-skiers respectively in all three disciplines of the sport, travel restrictions have led to a much condensed field. Yet, WWS decided to continue with the event none the less. 5 men and 2 females, all world class skiers from five different countries, will compete for the overall crown and to showcase their Skills. We hope you are ready to kick off the Overall Tour at the 1st event in Austria!

In these uncertain times, the WWS hopes this event will uplift the spirits of the sporting world. Styregg, the home of the 2007 Open World Championships, is largely considered to be one of the most beautiful sites in the world in one of the most picturesque countries. Thus, this event will feature the best skiers on the planet while offering audiences some of the most breathtaking landscapes as an event backdrop.

The ultimate goal for the World Water Ski Open is to provide a platform to showcase all 3 disciplines of waterskiing by highlighting the Overall athlete. This event will be unlike any other waterski event of the recent past. Instead, a more streamlined approach will provide the flexibility to focus on making an exciting show that will have fans and sponsors wanting more.




Last Updated : December 17, 2020

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Last Updated : December 17, 2020

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