The Action Night Jump

Action Water Sports latest location serving Central Florida, in part with MasterCraft is openings it’s doors with a bang. Monday, September 10th, they will be showcasing an under the lights ski jump contest between four of the world’s top jumpers, battling it out for a $20,000 cash prize at SkiFluid.

As the sun begins to set, each jumper will attempt to soar to the moon and back, with only the shimmer of stadium lights guiding them through the air. Plus, MasterCraft’s latest creation the X22, will be unveiled to the public for the first time ever. As their guest, you’ll be one of the very first enthusiasts to put your hands all over this fresh piece of fiberglass.

So gather your closest friends and family, and prep yourself for an evening of full-on fun.

SkiFluid is owned and operated by World Renowned 3-Event Skier Kyle Eade.

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Action Water Sports