Technology Group

The current technology in the sport is out of date. To date there has been no group to move this forward, just individuals that have taken it on themselves to develop software, websites, set up camera systems, webcasts etc.

Now with a small group we are looking to combine efforts so that each person can bring something they are best at to the table. Whether its existing knowlege or cutting edge skills we need to work as one.

Other sports use technology to achieve the best quality video and realtime data. They have servers that store data and allow 3rd parties to connect too. We feel that some of this is possible even in the Sport of Tournament Waterskiing.

There are several divisions we plan to implement :

  1. Central Data Server.
  2. Tournament camera systems.
  3. Scoring Software.
  4. Boat and Skier data streaming.

Central Data Server
We propose a Central Data Server with NodeJS API’s for 3rd parties to connect to. Information can be pushed out in realtime with SocketIO.

The data should be stored in MONGO-DB (no-sql) database allowing for scalability and flexibility. We will start by storing the list of the world athletes along with the worlds events. There will need to be a common standard adopted by current scoring software to send the data to us in the IWSF format with possible additions. The software must connect to our server via the internet to update once a score is added so that we can push the data out in realtime to viewers.

Tournament camera systems
We propose to suggest a camera system and DVR with replay that all events should adopt so that there are no issues with connectivity to other systems and backup equipment can be the same.

Wireless video systems have come a long way and there are now affordable systems that stream HD with very little interruption or latency. We will propose a couple of options.

Scoring Software
There are now 3 or 4 scoring software programs in use. There really should only be one but since these individuals have put a huge amount of time in to them thus far we propose that they are just updated to meet a common standard.

Boat and Skier data streaming
New technology can provide us with data directly form the boat and even the skier back to the control room. We propose to work with companies such as Zero Off to stream data wirelessly back to our central data server so that the boats information can be recorded and viewed in realtime.