Re-live the 2021 WWS Austrian Open


If you happened to miss the WWS Austrian Open Live on Aug 8th in Fischlham Austria, then re-live the event by clicking the button above.

WorldWaterSkiers designed an action packed Overall event in to just 3 hours including a Pre Show, Slalom, Jump and Trick Overall Event as well as a Post show wrap up in the Red Bull Athlete Zone. Despite some rain, it went to plan and set up the future of water ski events to be focused on the spectator whether on site or watching online.

With graphics powered by our WWS platform it created feature rich and engaging content designed to captivate and inform new people to our exciting outdoor action sport.

WWS aims to hold one more World Tour Stop this year and introduce even more excitment with new features and promotion of a game changing project 3 years in the making.

Watch the webcast again to see how the Worlds Best International Overall Skiers battled for the Overall Titles and created a new standard of event.

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