WorldWaterSkiers allows any skier to promote themselves and ties results, news, photos and more to their profile page.

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WorldWaterSkiers was created by skiers for skiers to represent the sport the way it should be.

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WorldWaterSkiers is a non-profit organization that requires the financial support of the industry and its followers.

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By signing up for this Ski Site account you can manage details for your club. It will also automatically populate your tournament calendar from what we have in our global calendar. You can add tournament pages, post news and more.

Please use a different username and email for this ski site administration account than the one you personally signed up with. We suggest using one related to your ski site.

You can find most IWWF site codes here – Please ask your federation if you are outside Europe.

At this time we will assign you a Profile page once we see that you have created your account.