Russ Dickson

CAN   |  56yrs


  • Driver : D1 (PanAm) - SL TR JP
  • Judge : J1 (PanAm) - SL TR JP
  • Homologator : H1 (*National) - SL TR JP
  • Scorer : S1 (*National) - SL TR JP

Please note - 2* or 3* are the equivalent of level 2 or 3 but these officials are qualified only in one or two events.

About Me

Driver, Judge and TC. I was very fortunate to be able to drive at the 2009 World Championships at my home site Predator Bay (Calgary, AB). My Driving Highlights have been - Whitney McClintock - Gold Slalom and Gold Trick at the 2009 Worlds - Driving at the 2014 - 35+ World Championships at Sunset Lakes where there was a 4 way tie for 1st with 3 @ 10.25 and then pulling Champion Frederic Halt through 10.25 with a winning score of 1 @ 9.75. - Most recently, working with Dorien and Jaret Llewellyn on an awesome Video shoot that included sunrises, sunsets and some insane boat wrangling to get some really incredible shots.


Current Age:
56 years old
Place of Birth:
Banff, Alberta, CAN
Currently Reside:
Calgary, Alberta, CAN
My Ski Club(s):
Lakes of Kastynstone - Predator Bay, Calgary CAN
Officiated for:
30 years

Fun Facts

Driving the Boat - a lot
Favorite Food:
Alberta Beef
Waterski Idol:
Jaret Llewellyn

My Officiating Experiences

Tournament Start Date Official Role

2009 World Water Ski Championships - Calgary, Canada

Jun 08th, 2009 Chief Driver

Russ in the News

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Memorable Photos

2009 World Water Ski Championships - Calgary, Canada,   ,