Jumpers compete at the Sentosa Night Jump for $50,000.00 purse

Sentosa club, Dnepropetrovsk city, Ukraine (location is basically in the mid of the city on a river) Qualification round on June 4th, night final on June 5th.

The Sentosa waterski club is proud to announce the 2016 Sentosa Night Jump. Alexey Martynov (founder of Sentosa water ski club) feels that it is his mission to bring the sport of Waterskiing in Ukraine to the most elite level possible. He felt that putting on a Night Jump event, that presents the Worlds top athletes fighting for the largest cash prize in the sports history was the perfect way to showcase the sport! With the Worlds top Jump Athletes laying it on the line at night for $50,000.00 you can be sure that the Worlds Waterski fans will witness the show of a lifetime. This years event will feature a live National television broadcast, and a first class webcast. The Sentosa waterski club known to only affiliate with the best will pull the event with the Nautique 200, and have Les Todd behind the wheel!

Alexey and his support team are doing everything they can to host a first class event that will be sure to inspire the Ukraine’s youth to continue on the path to be some of the greatest skiers in the world.


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