A start up Non Profit Foundation needs leadership that knows where we've been and can see where we're going. Thanks to these people and their vision, that's one less thing we need to worry about.

We currently have a small team based in the US and UK. We are looking to build our team who can work remotely and have the same passion and drive as the founders to bring the sport in to a new era.

Paid Positions:

Sorry, there are currently no paid positions...

Volunteer Positions:

WWS would love to find volunteers within the waterski community that can provide a stepping stone to take WWS to the next level. We are looking for people with professional skills in these areas below to take the pressure of the current team. All can work remotely and give as much time and support as the feel possible.

  • Senior Web Developer

    We are looking for an experienced WordPress Developer who can help us continue development for our platform.

  • WordPress Plugin Developer

    We are looking for an experienced WordPress Plugin Developer who can build extensions for our platform.

  • Mobile App Developer

    We are looking an experienced Mobile App developer who can help build our APP for both iOS and Android platforms that is connected to our main website and data hub. Long term this will be an extensive project but we want to launch with a simple APP asap.

  • SEO & Web-tools specialist

    If you have skills in SEO then we welcome your input. Getting WWS's page rankings up quickly is key to building the sports public awareness.

  • Social Media Manager

    Creating content and managing our social media needs expert help. Today this is the number one form of free advertising and awareness.

  • Photographer(s)  &  Videographer(s)

    With every post there needs to be great quality images. We are looking for people who can get unique shots and video clips of the sport and it's athletes. Since we are looking for shots from all around the world, the more photographers we have the better.

If you are interested in any of these positions then please get in touch with us ASAP or pass on this link to anyone you think could help.

Thanks from our current Team.