Creating a Waterski Site Page

If you do not already know about our  Ski Site Pages then please view this page.

Step #1 –

You, the Owner/manager needs to know or find you ski site code.  You should be able to find this online but if not please contact your federation to find out. (The official site code is what is used to create your ski site page so this is very important to be correct.)

Step #2 –

Next – If you have not already, you can visit this link on to create a ski site account – or click the button below. Note: This will open a new page.

Creating a Ski Site Account

Step #3 –

You can then log in to your account by clicking the login button in the top right of site. Use the Username and Password you used when filling out the form in the previous step. Once logged in you will see this page –


Step #4 –

Click on Ski Sites in the left menu. Once the page opens, click on the “New Ski Site” button.


Step #5 –
A new ski site admin page will open. This is where you can name your ski site and enter your site code. Please try to fill out as much information as possible. The more information that is available to viewers the more they will visit the page and use the site. Please let us know if there are any other fields we can add to help make this even better.