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My Story

Growing up in Dortmund, Germany, it was rather surprising to become a successful waterskier. Nevertheless, my family and I made it happen. Without realizing, waterskiing became our lifestyle. Traveling the World, meeting new people and getting to know different cultures was and is a big part of it. But also working very hard and dedicating my life to the sport was necessary to rise in the sport. After Highschool, I moved to the USA and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Currently, I joined the Sportfördergruppe der Bundeswehr, a sports program of the Germany army, which allows me to dedicate most of my time to my sport. I train and coach at the Pickos Ski School in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl.


Current Age:
Place of Birth:
Dortmund, NRW, DEU
Dortmund, NRW, DEU
Currently Reside:
Dortmund, NRW, DEU
0 kg / lbs
Kim, Chiara, Carlotta

Skiing Background

Started Skiing:
5 yrs
Who Got Me into Skiing:
My Dad and his passion
My Ski Site(s):
Pickos Ski School
My Coaches:
Cory Pickos
Started Competing:
7 yrs
Strongest Discipline:
My Waterski Idol:
Cory Pickos, Jaret & Britta Llewellyn
My Waterski Goal:
Train as hard as I can, to be the best I could possible be


SL Practice P.B:
5@11.25m - 55kph
TR Practice P.B:
JP Practice P.B:
SL Tournament P.B:
4@11.25m - 55kph
TR Tournament P.B:
9330 points
JP Tournament P.B:
51,3 meters
1st Tournament:
1st Tourny I Won:
MäuseCup (kids Nationals)

Ski Equipment

Slalom Ski & Bindings:
Goode XT, Reflex front, Wiley back
Trick Ski & Bindings:
D3 Aira Hobeycomb, Reflex Bindings
Jump Skis & Bindings:
Goodman Skis, Wileys
Favorite Boat:

Fun Facts

cooking and baking nutritious meals
Favorite Ski Song:
Royal Deluxe - Dangerous
Worst Ski Injury:
small biceps tears and shoulder problems
Favorite Food:
everything that naturally looks like a rainbow
Cross Training Activity:
gym, snow skiing, running

Tournament Scores


Career Highlights

Pro Titles:

1 x
    Moomba Masters  -  Overall Champion

World Titles:

1 x
    U21 Worlds Championships 2015  -  Overall Champion
1 x
    FISU World Championships 2016  -  Overall Champion
1 x
    FISU World Championships 2016  -  Slalom Champion

International Titles:

3 x
    U21 European Champion   -  Overall Champion
2 x
    U21 European Champion   -  Trick Champion
3 x
    U21 European Champion   -  Jump Champion

Other Highlights:

3rd Place Overall at Open World Championships 2015
3rd Place Tricks at Worlds Games 2017