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My Story

I've been a professional water ski jumper for 22 years. I'm a 5 time World Champion, 8 time traditional World Record holder, 5 time Night jump world record holder and 2 time ski fly record holder and have 115 professional wins. I am married to Karen Truelove, a professional slalom skier, and we have 2 sons named Dash (6 years old) and Ridge (1 year old). Karen and I split our time between skiing events and acting as marine consultants helping companies develop and bring new product to the marine market. Our sport can be a grueling demand on the body, but its also a rewarding experience to travel the world meeting other water enthusiasts and be able to spend the time with our boys that our unusual occupation allows.


Current Age:
Place of Birth:
St. Marys Hospital, Decatur, IL, USA
Decatur, IL, USA
Currently Reside:
Lake Huckleberry, Winter Garden, FL, USA
1.73 m / 5'8" ft
71 kg / 157 lbs
Karen Truelove
Julie Krueger, Lori Covington
Dash, Ridge

Skiing Background

Started Skiing:
3 yrs
Who Got Me into Skiing:
My Ski Site(s):
Lake Huckleberry, Winter Garden, FL
My Coaches:
Present - Karen Truelove, Past- Jay Bennett, Chris Sullivan, Troy Zoellner, Dad
Started Competing:
6 yrs
Strongest Discipline:
My Waterski Idol:
Andy Mapple, Geoff Carrington, Bruce Neville, Sammy Duvall
My Waterski Goal:
Keep moving forward and trying to get better each day. Show them what is possible.


SL Practice P.B:
2@10.75m - 58kph
TR Practice P.B:
8600 points
JP Practice P.B:
250 meters
SL Tournament P.B:
2@10.75m - 58kph
TR Tournament P.B:
7680 points
JP Tournament P.B:
250 meters
1st Tournament:
1st Tourny I Won:

Ski Equipment

Slalom Ski & Bindings:
Trick Ski & Bindings:
Jump Skis & Bindings:
D3 Nightmares and Wileys
Favorite Boat:

Fun Facts

Favorite Ski Song:
Worst Ski Injury:
Favorite Food:
Cross Training Activity:

Tournament Scores


Career Highlights

Pro Titles:

13 x
    US Masters  -  Jump Champion
130 x
    Professional Wins  -  Jump Champion
8 x
    World Record Holder  -  Jump Champion
6 x
    Moomba Night Jump Champion  -  Jump Champion
15 x
    Night Jump World Record Holder  -  Jump Champion
12 x
    Ski Fly World Record Holder  -  Jump Champion
7 x
    Moomba Day Champion  -  Jump Champion
1 x
    Moomba Wakeboard Champion  -  Slalom Champion

World Titles:

5 x
    World Championship  -  Jump Champion

Other Highlights: