Franck Desboyaux

USA   |  33yrs   |


Current Age:
Place of Birth:
Paris, , FRA
Paris, Île de france, FRA
Currently Reside:
Windermere, FL, USA
1.75 m / 5'9" ft
70 kg / 155 lbs
Dianna Desboyaux
Sophie and Dylan

Skiing Background

Started Skiing:
4 yrs
Who Got Me into Skiing:
My dad
My Ski Site(s):
Florida Ski School, windermere FL
My Coaches:
Started Competing:
10 yrs
Strongest Discipline:
My Waterski Idol:
My Waterski Goal:
Winning pro tournaments


SL Practice P.B:
TR Practice P.B:
JP Practice P.B:
SL Tournament P.B:
3@10.75m - 58kph
TR Tournament P.B:
11840 points
JP Tournament P.B:
64 meters
1st Tournament:
1st Tourny I Won:
French National under 12 , 1998

Ski Equipment

Slalom Ski & Bindings:
Trick Ski & Bindings:
Radar , reflex
Jump Skis & Bindings:
Connelly’s 90 
Favorite Boat:

Fun Facts

Favorite Ski Song:
Worst Ski Injury:
Favorite Food:
Cross Training Activity:

Career Highlights

Pro Titles:
World Titles:
International Titles:
Regional Titles:
National Titles:
Other Highlights:

My Story

I started skiing at the age of six in the south of France, where I began my professional career. Today, I am still competing all over the world and I am currently ranked 2nd in the World.

I am an ambitious person and I work very hard at what I do. I create a mutually beneficial relationship with sponsors and long lasting relationships with my supporters so we can have a good time working together.

I am a full time athlete, a coach, and ski for a living. I love coaching and it makes me proud that everyday I can share my experience and bring new people into my sport.

The highlights of my career include winning first place at the Moomba Masters 2017, finishing second at World Cup Stop, 8 time French Champion, 2 time European Champion, 1 time World Champion by team and two times podium at the US Masters.

In late 2011, I moved to Windermere, FL to advance my career. The weather conditions are perfect every day and various lake options allow me to ski and coach my students year round.

Tournament Scores

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