Adam Pickos

USA   |  27yrs   |         

" Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn... "


Current Age:
27 years old
Place of Birth:
Coral Springs, FL, USA
Pickos Ski School, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, USA
Currently Reside:
1.8 m / 5'11" ft
66 kg / 145 lbs

Skiing Background

Started Skiing:
3 yrs
Who Got Me into Skiing:
Cory Pickos
My Ski Site(s):
Pickos Waterski School
My Coaches:
Cory Pickos
Started Competing:
7 yrs
Strongest Discipline:
My Waterski Idol:
My Father, Cory Pickos
My Waterski Goal:
I plan to always be improving and leave the sport better than before!


SL Practice P.B:
2@10.25m - 58kph
TR Practice P.B:
11870 points
JP Practice P.B:
SL Tournament P.B:
1@10.25m - 58kph
TR Tournament P.B:
11870 points
JP Tournament P.B:
1st Tournament:
1st Tourny I Won:
U.S. Nationals Jr. Boys Division

Ski Equipment

Slalom Ski & Bindings:
Goode Nano 1 XT, Goode Powershell
Trick Ski & Bindings:
D3 HC LTD & HC Aira, Wiley Dbl. Wrap
Jump Skis & Bindings:

Fun Facts

Favorite Ski Song:
Worst Ski Injury:
Favorite Food:
Cross Training Activity:

Career Highlights

No career highlights yet but i'm working on it.

My Story

Waterskiing has been a huge part of my family’s life for many generations. Growing up, I was fortunate enough for my front and backyard to be waterski lakes, so ultimately I knew what I would be doing from a young age. I started skiing around 3 years old, I competed in my first tournament at 7 and broke my first National record at the age of 9. Ten months a year for 20+ years now I have been on the water training to be the best I can be!

Current USA Team member, Pan Am Games Trick Champion and 2-Time World Trick Champion 15', 17'.
Current Personal bests include: Trick 11,870 pts – Slalom 1@41 off.


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