2020 Canadian Virtual Slalom Championships

WorldWaterSkiers is excited to announce that Water Ski Canada has chosen to run a Virtual Slalom Championships on our Water Ski Games platform from September 5th – 7th.

Due to COVID-19, Water Ski Canada has had to significantly alter their summer tournament schedule. Water Ski Canada’s foremost concern is to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants at our tournaments. Canadians have all missed competing together in one location. To celebrate the end of the Canadian summer, Water Ski Canada has teamed with World Water Skiers to help launch the new virtual platform, Water Ski Games.

The 2020 Canadian Virtual Slalom Championships is an opportunity for Canadians to compete from their home training grounds, with the Canadian water ski community – for fun! An incredible opportunity to virtually bring together their athletes.

Water Ski Games is a revolutionary approach to water ski tournaments! With the pressure to find a way to keep people competing through COVID-19 times, World Water Skiers has pulled out all the stops to come up with a great way to do this. No judges and no official drivers required. Skiers can simply record a video of their performance and upload it on the new Water Ski Games platform to participate in a Nation-wide event.


Dates of Event: September 5-7, 2020

Registration: You must have created an Athlete account on WWS before September 5, 2020 and register for the event on September 5 (72 hours to submit video)

Registration Link: worldwaterskiers.com/wsg-info 

Location: Virtual

Registration Fee: FREE

Event Type: Class F/C Recreational

Registration Requirements: Membership with your provincial organization

Contact Information

WSWC  – Katie@wswc.ca

World Water Skiers – info@worldwaterskiers.com

*Please note that all participants must be a member of their Canadian provincial organizations.