Join the path to the Water Ski Games

Worldwaterskiers is launching the Water Ski Games. A revolutionary approach to water ski tournaments!

With inspiration from other successful sports such as Crossfit and the pressure to find a way to keep people competing through COVID-19 times, the team has pulled out all the stops to come up with a great way to do this.

Relative to today’s top scores, slalom tolerances are quite lax.

  • -10 cm for rope and handle

  • -23 cm for the width of the slalom course

  • -20 cm for the boat path

  • -4 cm for the buoy’s diameter

Most people don’t realize it, but a tournament can still follow World Record tolerances and transform a 39 off/10.75m  into a 38 off/11.25m!

The team at WorldWaterSkiers has come up with a cheaper, simpler and more versatile way to certify slalom scores, especially in this unfortunate global health crisis. No judges, no official drivers… skiers can simply record a 360 video of their performance and upload it on the new Water Ski Games platform to participate in a great world-wide leaderboard. Single skiers, ski schools and ski clubs can now organize their own record tournaments with zero bureaucracy.

The 360 camera allows the team at WorldWaterSkiers to calculate how much the skier advances relative to the boat. Adding that value (in degrees) to the skiers reach we can calculate whether all tolerances were followed*

What if you don’t have a 360 camera yet? will launch its Water Ski Games platform in two steps. On the 1st of August only C-class tournaments will be available. There will be no need for a 360 camera at this stage. Just sign up for free, follow the instructions, record a simple video with your smartphone and upload it on the platform. Your performance will immediately appear on the world-wide Leaderboard and you will be able to see all scores and videos in one place. You can filter them by country, age division, ski and boat used!

Later this summer, once people and ski-clubs/ski-schools will be familiar with the platform we will launch our Record Tournaments.

Get on and get your profile ready for the 1st of August!

*For people who might be interested in how all tolerances are checked: rope length, course width and boat path will be evaluated with the angle, relative to the pylon, the skier reaches at the buoy. The skier’s height and reach will be mandatory info at tournament entry. Providing false information will lead to automatic disqualification.

Boat speed and slalom course length will be checked both by showing the zero off screen at the end of the pass and by analyzing the videos metadata and frame count. No record tournament today is being so thoroughly analyzed!

Waterskiing sadly looses former pro water skier Kreg Llewellyn

The waterski community and sport looses another great name too early, and this time it’s close to the team here at WorldWaterSkiers making this difficult to announce. Jaret Llewellyn, joint partner in WWS posted a wonderful tribute to his brother Kreg Llewellyn – one of the all time great athletes in the sport. Please take the time to read below –
“Our family is here is Texas to say goodbye to my big brother. Kreg passed 4 days ago on July 7.
Although we may never find all the answers, we know Kreg sustained a head injury a couple months ago, which seemed to result in a change in his demeanor. Based both on the location and the severity of the injury, we believe Kreg lost his ability to effectively process certain aspects of life and cope with anxiety. Through his faith in Christ and his selfless personality, Kreg always wanted to help others and always took their pain upon his shoulders, which in his current state, magnified his struggles. Without a familiar coping mechanism, Kreg was caught in a mental haze. Even though Kreg was searching and fighting for answers, he always tried to protect his loved ones from having to share his burden. Kreg was the strongest person I have ever known and I will miss him every day.
Kreg was my hero and an inspiration to so many around the world. Anyone who had the privilege to know Kreg could see he had a huge heart, because he wore it on his sleeve. His faith in God has always been deep and in recent years he was sharing his faith to help others, who were looking for spiritual guidance.
Kreg will always be the most talented athlete I have ever seen, not only on the water, but in any sport you asked him to try. During the height of the professional tour Kreg was the most dominant male multi event skier. He could do anything he set his mind to, or should I say, any seemingly impossible thing Mike told him to try, and he always made the most difficult things look easy. Watching him inspired me to try my best every day, both on and off the water, to live up to the standard he set, even though things always seemed much harder than he made them look. But that was the most beautiful thing about Kreg, he not only set the standard for me, but he stopped along his own path to help others excel with him. Kreg made me the skier I wanted to be and helped me become the best man I could be.
Although our family is struggling through this difficult time, we truly appreciate the outpouring love and support we have received from every corner of the world. All of the stories and the uplifting moments others have shared about Kreg have been heartwarming to all of us. Kreg always wanted to help others and help the world come together, especially in these uncertain times. His life was all about bringing joy and harmony to others, which he showed through his grace in all aspects of his life. To us, one’s wealth is not about how much money you have, it’s how far your heart reaches in respect to others. In that sense, Kreg was the richest man I know and those around him learned to be the same by following his lead. Right now, I can’t image how we will continue without Kreg’s leadership, but I know he would want us to come together as a community and as a world. To use the lessons he taught us and to love one another with all of our hearts.
Please anyone, who has posted stories, or photos of Kreg earlier, if you could re-share them again here and add your favorites photos and stories! With all of our love, God Bless you!
We are planning a service on Saturday July 18, in San Marcos, Calvary Chapel of the Springs located at 310 W Hutchinson St., San Marcos, Texas.
We are working on streaming the service if you are unable to attend. When we have a link we will give an update on that.
Following the service there will be a gathering at San Marcos POA river park following the service to share stories, approximately at 7pm. 411-498 River Ranch Cir, Martindale, TX
For loved ones that cannot attend now we will be planning a celebration of Kreg’s life in Canada in the coming months once travel restrictions are lifted. We will be sharing stories about Kreg at his home training grounds at Dodd’s Lake in Innisfail, Canada.”
Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Krista and Llewellyn family.
If you didn’t know Kreg then check out his profile on WWS.