2020 Wrapped Roots event encourages grass roots skiers to compete for the first time

After 25 years of professional water skiing and 21 years of coaching ski school, it’s time to host my first ever slalom competition at Jodi’s Ski Skool in Winter Garden FL.

November 13th & 14th we will host a Grass Roots and Class C sanctioned slalom competition with USA Waterski and WorldWaterSkiers.

Starting at 8.00am through 5.00pm Friday and Saturday.

The two day event will give 40 competitors two rounds of slalom each day and four chances, to create two scores that will place them on the USA water ski ranking list in their respective age categories.

The Grass Roots section encourages mono and open water skiers starting out in the slalom course and even a mini course that makes it easier to start for kids as young as 4 years old. Each Grassroots skier will get four attempts or starting each round in the slalom course to allow the opportunity to grow some experience in competition.

We in fact have a 4 year old boy called Bruno Rodrigues from Apopka FL who has learned to deep start on a single ski all within the last two weeks and to start work in and figuring out the mini course and he just can not get enough of the course!

Bruno senior has been trying to figure out the slalom course by himself for the past 10 years with very little success and decided he would bring his Son to a professional ski school for the correct instruction right from the start, to avoid picking up bad habits that would make his son’s progress slow like his own.

Watching is Son learn so quickly at ski school, has even gotten Bruno senior back on his slalom ski and Bruno’s Mother Kate off her wakeskate and on a slalom ski for the first time and learning the course properly from the beginning.

This then inspired Cousin Alexis, to learn to start on two skis one weekend 7 weeks ago and drive up from Miami pretty much every weekend for the past two months and progress on to a single ski, learn the deep start and also learning the full slalom course all in time to be able to compete in our GrassRoots Competition.

Slalom skiing is for sure addictive and for this family it has become a sport for the whole family, with more cousins traveling down from New Jersey also to compete in their first water ski competition.

If you are an open water skier, or have only thought about trying to water ski, come join us at Jodi’s Ski Skool and come see what it’s all about.

We will be following CDC guidelines with social distancing, but considering its an outdoor event and plenty of space for everyone, we are confident we will host a safe yet super fun event.

Our “New Gate Guide System” which is a worlds first, designed to help the beginnings and intermediate skiers improve there consistency on their gate set up with from end to end and lake to lake so that their starts become much more similar from pass to pass, and so that they are training the optimal with for each speed and line length as they start to shorten the rope.


Thanks to our sponsors –

Romac Building Supply

Regal & Nautique of Orlando

Wrapped Skis USA

Jodi’s Ski Skool

The Grove Resort Orlando


Following the Prize Ceremony on Saturday evening, we will be hosting The Andy Mapple Tribute Dinner, Auction & Concert to celebrate Andy’s amazing 168 professional wins and continuing to stay at a world class level for more than two decades. Host Jodi Fisher and Master of Ceremonies Larry Meddock will open the evening with drinks at 6.00pm Dinner and Entertainment starting at 7.00pm.

Many amazing Artists, photographers and water ski related and Equipment brands have donated amazing items for the Charity Auction that will raise funds for the Spray It Forward Charity Initiative to help grow the sport through support over 100 college water ski teams across the USA. Over four thousand students ski at a State, Regional and National level, with many students learning to ski for the first time whilst at College.

We are also excited to launch our official event page in partnership with WorldWaterSkiers.com. It’s great that all the information is in one place and will remain there forever.

Please visit – https://worldwaterskiers.com/tournament/21s067/


Thank you to our sponsors of the Andy Mapple Tribute Dinner Auction who help with Venue, Marquee, Entertainment, food, and Donations for the Auction.

Regal & Nautique of Orlando,
Marquee & Salvador Live Painting,
Romac Building Supply,
Samuel J Music Concert,
Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Bar Food ,
1881 Distillery Drinks,
Jodi’s Ski Skool – Stained Glass Mural,
Wrapped Skis USA – Slalom Ski,
Insane Fire Pits – Design your own custom fire pit,
Tom King Photography – Framed image of Andy Mapple in Action,
Jet Surf Orlando Academy – His and Hers Jet Surf Experience,
JetSurf Orlando would like to donate a JetSurf Discovery Ride for 2 (Couple’s ride).  Value $279,
Eagle Wetsuits – Impact Vest,
Get Your Lake ON Company,
Pull Sports Company – His and Hers T-Shirt, Hats and Hoodies,
Thule – 3 piece waterproof Travel Luggage,

Jodi Fisher

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