History is made as the Ski Nautique 200 pulls 3 World Records in one day

ORLANDO, FLA (September 27, 2016) – Team Nautique athlete Jacinta Carroll was part of a history-making day setting two new pending jump world records behind the Ski Nautique 200, first flying 194 feet (59.2 meters) and then soaring to 198 feet (60.3 meters) in the finals during yesterday’s Ski Fluid Invitational in Polk City, FL. In addition to Carroll’s record-breaking jumps, a new pending women’s trick world record of 10,610 points was also set behind the Ski Nautique 200.

Carroll’s 198ft (60.3m) jump represents the first time a female has ever broken the 60-meter barrier and Jacinta’s second time breaking back-to-back world records behind the Ski Nautique 200 in the same competition. In 2015, Carroll shocked the world with a record jump of 193ft (58.8 meters) before returning the following day to break it twice more with distances of 193ft (58.9meters) and 194ft (59.1meters) at the Sunset Cup – Master’s LCQ tournament. These records fell during the competitive debut of PCM’s powerful direct-injection engines (H6DI and H5DI), which have since gone on to power numerous personal bests, course, national, and world records in the Ski Nautique 200.

“I promised my life-long coach Ray I would go 60 meters and I did! I have worked so hard day in and day out to make him and all of my sponsors proud. Having the reassurance of the Ski Nautique 200’s consistent power and tracking made it that much easier to be able to attain this dream yet again, and I know it can pull me even further down the lake!” said Carroll.

This marks Jacinta’s 30th consecutive tournament win as she continues to push the level of the sport behind the Ski Nautique 200. Heading to the Nautique U.S. Open of Water Skiing this weekend, she looks to carry this world-record momentum to another dominating performance.

“Congratulations to Jacinta Carroll on her history-making day behind the Ski Nautique 200! We are extremely proud of all of her outstanding accomplishments on and off the water,” said Nautique President Greg Meloon. “We are also excited to see that the women’s trick world record was once again performed behind the 200. The performance of these amazing athletes continues to motivate Nautique to lead the industry by supporting three-event water skiing like no other brand,” added Meloon.

This will be the twentieth, twenty-first and twenty-second world records set among all three waterski disciplines (slalom, trick, and jump) behind the Ski Nautique 200 since it hit the water in 2010. Now holding 3X more world records than all other boat companies combined, the Ski Nautique 200 continues to be the only boat on the water pulling water skiing’s next generation into record-breaking territory.

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